Tru Bloodline is proud to officially announced Tru Bloodline Live, also known as TBLL. Over the past couple of months,  Tru Bloodline has been working hard on developing a service for local MMA /Grappling events to broadcast them through live stream via the internet from anywhere around the world. Fighters, do you have friends that live hours away that want to watch you compete live but can’t make it due to the distance?  Promoters, want an increase in your ticket sales? Well, here’s another solution! TBLL is able to broadcast your event online, live, and charge your viewers like payperview! We have built a system to where you can have viewers pay to watch it live. Not only will the viewers be able to watch it live, they would be able to have it saved on demand to where they can watch it anytime after the live broadcasting event. Come on Promoters have you been racking your brain on how to get your event or promotion to the next level……. well, not only will you be expanding your viewership and brand presence, you will be bringing in more revenue via TBLL buys, not to mention new and major sponsors you will be attracting with your new worldwide broadcasting!  Well, guess what? We have the answer to your problem. With TBLL, your friends can now watch you perform and compete online via live streaming, and promoters not only will you be giving your competitors a great avenue to promote and market them self, it could be the missing link that you have been looking for. Don’t forget the added bonus of having Tru Bloodline’s resources at your disposal with the the Tru Bloodline media site that will promote and market your next TBLL  broadcast  event via: blogging, competitor coverage and scheduling of your events on the TBL event calendar. So no more excuses for your friends to miss what you have worked for months for and no more denying the great promotion that you are and the coverage that you deserve!!!