Rey Trujillo



Rey Trujillo a veteran of the sport with over 20 pro fights and has fought in various shows from XFC , Strikefroce, Legacy and many other promotions around the nation. Win or lose you can bet a entertaining fight! His record doesn’t portray the fighter that he truly is. Rey believes that he has barely scratched the surface of his potential and at only 5 years into his career that started in 2009, he is adamant  that the best is yet to come!  He fell short a couple times on that one make or break fight that would have allowed him to step up in the next level of competition,  UFC for instance, so close yet still so far. As with most fighters Rey to has aspiration to not only test his skills verses the best fighters in the world, but to prove them by being the reigning champion on the biggest stage in the world. He is a man stretched thin with so many dreams still unclaimed, and the day to day schedule of being a business owner of  The Print Shack,, but being a full time father of three and supporting 4, not to mention coaching and spearheading all his time energy and money into this brand that he believes is the key so that he can build a team around him that will make him and his fellow BushiBanBloodline brothers successful in and out of the cage.  The success of the brand will not only help him prepare camps that will lead him to reaching his full potential that looms over him, but it also helps out the sponsored fighters and team reach there goals. Lets face it training and compete at the highest levels is not cheap, and demand a lot of your time, and time is money.


Bloodline: Spanier/Mexican American
Name: Rey “Tha Warrior” Trujillo
Date of Birth: 01/01/1982
Sex: Male
Fight Team: BushiBanBloodline
Record: 15-10
Height: 5’10”
Weight Class: 145 and 155
Out of : Texas






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