About Us






Tru Bloodline is your one source media combat hub and so much more! We cover the top in MMA, Boxing, and Kickboxing news and events,  not only in the Houston and Texas area, but nationwide events as well as leading leagues such as the UFC . Our site is the place to be to get your fighting fix and stay up to date in local and national combat sports current events. This is where all the action takes place year round as our sports don’t have a off season. 

Tru Bloodline the brand that is in you. Weather it be your country, ethnicity, lineage, your city and proud heritage, or that warrior spirit, maybe even its your belief and dedication to God.  You love the rush you get and the extreme fitness that comes along with it, the passion and honor you have for the sport/art, and most of all the bloodline that pulsates through your veins!  It’s your sacred blood flow that was intelligently designed and engineered by our creator the most high the father of Jesus Christ that pumps through you daily.  If it feels true and real its probably not just logic its most likely the truth.  You looking for something? Search within and reconnect with the truest origin of blood(Jesus Christ), where it all began.  Tru Bloodline is not just a brand, its a ministry and lifestyle, stay synced up with oneself thru Christ and all things are possible (Matthew 19:26).