Fury 13!!! Q & A, with Casey Malik



It’s fight week!!! How how do you feel going into the fight this Friday? I’m feeling good. I always feel like I could push and train a little more but that’s the fighter mentality I suppose. I’m here and ready to get it started.

What do you know about your opponent and do you have a certain game plan?I know he has trained with some strong camps and has made his name in the jujitsu world, but we’ll see how it  stacks up against some Trujitzoo! My game plan is to pretty much stop his. He’s gonna want to go to the ground and if it gets there ill have a response.

Your last cage combat outing was stopped to a poor call and a experienced ref, with you getting a bad call that ended the fight, Does that affect you in any way I’m regards to this fight?Part of the game, not only do you have to overcome your opponent, but the referees, judges, and crowd as well.

Did you do anything special to prepare for this fight, how was your training camp?I had a great training camp with some strong partners. From boxing to grappling everywhere in-between. As for endurance and cardio nothing beats a gladiator circuit.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank or give a shot out too?I’d of course like to thank my coaches Rey, Mike, and Creed. Couldn’t do it without them or my training partners. I am always pushing my limits, and I wouldn’t be nearly the fighter I am without my wife, pushing me and supporting everyday behinds the scenes!

 Lastly what are your plans for the future? Could we see Mr. Malik going pro ?Not to sure on the future, just one fight at a time. We will see where this fight takes me and what doors It opens, whether or not it’s pro.

Fury 15

Fury FC 15 Fight Card

185 – Antonio Jones vs Ike Villanueva

145 – Michael Rodriguez vs Angel Huerta

205 – Juan Torres vs Isaac Teran

170 – Armando Servin vs Artenas Young

155 – Jason Soliz vs Kolton Englund

170 – Derrick Ageday vs Chris Lopez

135 – Ruben Coronado vs Troy Gibson

115 – Fatima Mallet vs Itzel Esquivel

125 – Federico Olivera vs David Acosta

145 – Carlos Melara vs Kyle Villarreal

145 – Shakeem Richardson vs Jake Heffernan

135 – James Gonzales vs Gerzan Chau

125 – Christian Lira vs Angel Zamora


125 Title – Chris Soliz (4oz) vs Dominick Perez (Millennium)

155 Title – Christopher Miller (4oz) vs Tim Cormier (Paradigm)

185 – Casey Malik (TBL) vs Pedro Araujo (GB Heights)

125 – Francisco Obando (Darkside) vs  Shawn Solis (Tx 3rdCoast)

155 – Hector Cortina (Metro) vs Tyler Bradford (Paradigm)

125 – Daniel Peet (Gracie Humaita) vs Freddy Leal Jr. (Windy)

145 – Marcellus Brown (4oz) vs TBA

145 – Michael Rodriguez (Paradigm) vs Joshua Garcia (Millennium)



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